What Is Touchable Video?

What Is Touchable Video?

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It’s a really exciting time for product video technology. Virtual reality and 360 video are hot topics at the moment and it has users jazzed to experience interactive video. But it seems that people are ignoring and missing out on a technology that is way more useful and ready now. Something that can impact eCommerce video content in a big way- touchable video.

Cinematique revolutionized video when they built a platform that tracks what viewers “touch” while watching anything from TV shows to branded video. Users can touch or click on anything that interests them in any product video and the objects are then bookmarked and saved to a “boutique” that can be purchased or shared with friends online.

How it works is that the Cinematique platform overlays an interactive area on top of the eCommerce video content, which then can be used for eCommerce product videos. A brand creates touchable product video with Cinematique by dropping pins on any product shown in a video. Users can then touch these pinned items while the video plays, and when it’s finished they are provided with information about each item as well as a link to where they can purchase it. That is really in advanced step in proving content ROI and making immediate sales impact with eCommerce product videos.

Brands can learn how much people loved something just by how many times they touched or clicked on a person or product in an eCommerce video.

By using the Cinematique icon in the bottom right corner of the player users can access their boutique easily without having to leave the product video they are currently watching. Everything they’ve touched is stored and ready to be explored.

A New Way To Market

Cinematique offers brands a new way to market their products and gives them real-time analytics based on what resonates most with their customers. Brands can learn how much people loved something just by how many times they touched or clicked on a person or product in an eCommerce video. Every touch or click is an indication of success in a product video. Cinematique is currently focused on fashion films and branded entertainment, but there is so much opportunity for eCommerce merchants to use this touchable product video technology.

Making it easy for consumers to buy a product online is the goal and Cinematique has made shoppable eCommerce video a reality. Make interesting and fun touchable product video and you’ll get consumers filling their shopping carts with that cool product they just saw in an eCommerce video.

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