What is the Purpose of a Product Video?

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What is the Purpose of a Product Video?

Many brush off the idea of creating an eCommerce product video for their products because of the suspected time, effort, and money that goes into the creation process. However, all those factors are worth it because a product video can have huge positive impacts on your brand and sales.

Ecommerce Product videos enable you to effectively demonstrate the benefit of a particular product by focusing on every last feature and how those features can relieve pain points of your viewers. By creating an engaging story and showcasing a 360-degree video of your product in action, you have the ability to make a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. It’s proven that consumers are more likely to retain information after watching a video rather than just reading about the features.

Benefits of a Product Video:

Increase Conversion Rates – This is the big one. 73% more visitors who watch product videos will buy. That’s because they can see value in a product and be confident in making a smart purchasing decision after the information portrayed in eCommerce product videos.

Help SEO Efforts:

Videos will be more likely to show up in Google search. In fact, product videos appear in 14% of search results, so it’s important to capture this percentage of your audience as well.

A Better Explanation:

Video provides a 360-degree view of a product in a contextual environment which helps to better convey its features to a consumer. When a consumer understands a product better, it increases their buyer confidence and their likelihood to buy.

Increase Your Brand’s Trustworthiness:

58% of shoppers think companies with product videos can be trusted. This not only increases your credibility but helps in terms of reviews and validity of your brand.

Less Returns:

Because customers understand the product better, they are less likely to return it after purchase. Sometimes product returns make or break a products success on platforms like Amazon and walmart.com

These are just some of the reasons that product videos should be a driving force of your marketing strategy. They have many benefits and purposes that can help you reach positive ROI and increase sales on particular items.

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eCommerce Product Video numbers:

“52% of consumers remain long on websites with product videos” – Vouchercloud
“44% of consumers purchase more products on sites with product videos.” – Vouchercloud

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