Video Review Labs visits Northern Grade

Video Review Labs visits Northern Grade

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There are two words that seem to always immediately amplify the value of a product: American Made. The phrase instills a sense of pride for supporting American workers, craftsmanship, and business. It feels like a nod to the old days of American industrial prosperity and times where a day of hard work just meant another day of work.

The Video Review Labs crew ventured out this past weekend to check out some great American Made goods at the Northern Grade roving market. We got a chance to meet the craftsman and business owners behind each brand and hear their stories. We heard tales from Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, the Carolinas, and the great Midwest about these entrepreneurs and their passion for quality products. There was a running theme of great attention to detail and creating unique experiences for their customers through each product.


Video Review Labs loves working with brands like these. Our passion lies in telling the stories behind great brands and their products. A lot of American made high quality products can fetch pretty hefty price tags. They take more time and skilled man power to create. Online shoppers can be weary of these price points for products they have never felt or used in real life. Brands with higher price points can use product videos to to justify their costs and show the craftsmanship behind them. Reversely, inexpensive and lower price point products can use video to justify their value and quality that can’t be expressed through text and photos online.

We had a great time talking to the brands at the Northern Grade show and hearing the passion and methods behind their products. Check out some of the brands we met:

Cambria is an Austin born company that makes leather goods by hand. Their head artisan is super selective about the tools and resources he works with. Everything is done with extreme precision and craftsmanship to deliver beautiful, durable leather gear that lasts a lifetime.


Ball and Buck
Ball and Buck is a lifestyle apparel brand out of Boston that describes itself as a “retailer built for the sporting gentlemen”. Their style is the crossroads of ruggedness and sophistication. Check them out.


Traveller Denim Company
Traveller Denim is an outfit straight out of Austin. Their team makes high quality jeans, custom tailored to each client using vintage machines and the finest Japanese Selvedge denim. They have a super cool brand focused on uniqueness and staying local with a bit of a mysterious, punk attitude that we really dig.


Sanborn Canoe Company
Sanborn Canoe is a canoe paddle company started by two buddies out of Winona, Minnesota. We got to hold some of the paddles in person and they were pretty incredible. Super light weight, varnished, and beautifully painted. They felt more like works of art you would hang over your mantle, but they were tough and durable enough for many hours on the water.


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