Top 3 ways to make your eCommerce videos mobile friendly

Top 3 ways to make your eCommerce videos mobile friendly

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By now your brand has optimized its website or eCommerce store for mobile viewing. Whether your site is built responsively to scale to each viewer’s device or you have invested in a completely mobile version of your site, you know the importance of keeping your content consistent across all platforms. And your video content should be no different.

Over half of American consumers are now toting around smartphones day to day and about 74 million of them are using their smartphones to shop online. Consumers demand top-notch web experiences across all of their devices. eCommerce videos are meant to transfer product knowledge and instill purchasing confidence in a potential buyer. You need your eCommerce videos to perform well creatively and technically to keep customers engaged when they are browsing products on their phone or tablet.

The Video Review Labs strategy team has come up with out three top tips to make your eCommerce videos mobile friendly.

1. Engaging, clear visual content

On a laptop or desktop it’s easy to navigate video functionality and clearly watch content on the big screen. But trying to pick out product details on a 4-inch iPhone screen can just be a pain, especially if you are dealing with phone speaker audio quality. At Video Review Labs we plan alongside our clients for the deployment strategy of their product videos early on so they are guaranteed to look great across any device. We give our eCommerce video content a clean and clear visual aesthetic so your customers aren’t losing any features or struggling to see the details in product shots. We ensure eCommerce video content is focused on your customer target demographic and conveys information to them quickly and effectively to keep them engaged.

2. Video streaming functionality

Most online video streaming services are optimized for mobile viewing now, but there still remain a few clunky services that slow down user interfaces. YouTube is great for eCommerce video and we give it props quite a bit over here at Video Review Labs. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and it’s always improving. Viewers come first to YouTube so their teams make sure your eCommerce videos can embed into a product page and stream in high definition without slowing anyone down. They are embedded to responsively scale along with your site and stream at the resolution best suited for the viewer’s device capabilities. Video Review Labs works with brands to plan eCommerce video deployment through the streaming service that aligns best with your goals and web integration. We can provide customer insight based on consumer data gathered from viewers of the videos on your eCommerce store or off-site with your channel partners, whether they are watching on a desktop or any mobile device.

3. Web user interface

Video is an interactive tool. You want to use your eCommerce videos to open up dialogues with customers and create online experiences. Video is not just a supplement to text descriptions and product photos. It’s a unique, in-depth communication tool that needs precise integration into an eCommerce product page that becomes a driving component of the user interface itself. Video and web design hand in hand. They feed off each other to create the unique and compelling shopping experiences consumers want on the web.

Get in touch with our team at Video Review Labs to explore your eCommerce video options and how we can help you optimize your product video experiences across all devices and platforms.

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