The “Two or Two Hundred Rule”

The “Two or Two Hundred Rule”

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I was in a band in high school (sweet, right?). It was me on drums and two buddies that played guitar and bass. We got together on the weekends to hang out, write songs, and market ourselves. The extent of a high school rock band’s digital marketing at the time was really just a Myspace page with some custom HTML to make the text as hard to read as possible.

We didn’t play in front of people very often, but we liked to think that we brought the rock and melted faces when we did. And even then, we set forth a policy to always provide the greatest live experience to our audience no matter what. Thus was born, the Two or Two Hundred Rule.

We probably stole the phrase somewhere along the way from one of our friends or an instructor, but it is an important rule that can apply to many different things. The policy states that no matter the circumstances, whether you are playing to a crowd of two people or two hundred people, you deliver the best performance of your life.

Indie bands are a dime a dozen. Someone was going to give our band just a few minutes of their time (if any at all) to see what we were all about. We may have been playing a daytime show at the Crab Shack with two people in the audience. We could either get discouraged and just make it through the set without crying or we could rock their little worlds for the next twenty minutes.

You always over deliver to create a great experience no matter the size of your audience. That’s how you grow.

At Video Review Labs we take the same approach to digital experiences. There are thousands of eCommerce stores out there and people are coming to your site to give you a chance at winning their business. They are giving you maybe a few seconds to “wow” them. And you have trusted Video Review Labs to enhance that shopping cart experience with great eCommerce video. To show your products in action or educate viewers on how each product functions. You may have two products in your inventory or you may have a catalog of 200+. No matter the size of your catalog, we are committed to creating the best, most effective videos that will engage with your customers on each of those product pages. We want to help you create the best shopping experience and win over your customers’ confidence and trust.

We’re not a super sweet indie rock band (sadly). But we are a provider of great eCommerce video solutions. Our service extends from crafting beautiful, lifestyle video content around your products to implementing them into your site. You may need a deal of the month product video built into your homepage slider or you may need a complete merchandising solution put in place that supports videos across hundreds of your products. Get in touch with us at Video Review Labs to discuss your merchandising needs and what options we offer to set you up for success online.

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