The future of eCommerce video platforms

The future of eCommerce video platforms

E-Commerce video

Web technology is progressing at an exponential rate. The web has evolved into fully interactive experiences and continues to grow more intuitive and natural to web users every day. Interactive functionality is moving beyond what was once limited to social media and into retail experiences as well. eCommerce videos are no longer just rotating products on white backgrounds. They are incredible sales tools that can communicate the story and lifestyle behind products and brands. Our team at Video Review Labs is super excited for two new, innovative platforms in eCommerce retail that are changing the way people shop online.

Core Media LiveContext from IBM

IBM developed their Core Media LiveContext Platform for eCommerce knowing full well that brands need to sell products through personalized and contextualized online experiences. They’ve coined “Experiential Commerce”, a process of learning about consumers through their online journeys to develop emotional connections that lead to brand loyalty, engagement, and revenue.

Core Media LiveContext provides brands with pre-built site templates to catalog their products. They’re fully responsive to work across all devices and can grow in-sync with the brand as it scales its product lines. The platform is enhanced with a multitude of rich media that flexes to the user’s interests and shopping habits. Think Pinterest for eCommerce. Instead of flat product pages with text lists, shoppers can interact with images, style sheets, PDFs, and, of course, eCommerce video. Rich media and social content build out the eCommerce shopping experience to be as much of an engaging and enjoyable experience as connecting with friends through the web.

Platforms like this really give eCommerce videos the stage they need to be successful in driving conversions. Shifting with consumer habits, wants, and needs. Telling the stories behind products and brands where consumers can interact and create their own shopping experiences.



Cinematique is a new video platform crafted specifically for eCommerce videos. The player embeds into product pages and allows shoppers to click and interact with characters and objects within the video. For example, you may be watching a category video for camping gear. You see a Marmot tent you like and want to learn more. You can actually select the tent within the player as the video is streaming and a product listing will pop up on the side to let you learn more and ultimately buy (or lead you to another in-depth product review video).

Functionality like this means planning video content very precisely early on in the strategy phase. Brands need to integrate eCommerce videos seamlessly into their online shopping experiences and Cinematique enhances that ability incredibly. eCommerce videos should be able to stand alone as brand touch points, but also play off other interactive pieces and inject greater customer value into the eCommerce experience as a whole.

Video Review Labs always works early on with brands to hone their eCommerce video strategies in alignment with their other marketing efforts and to integrate them as major elements in the eCommerce experience. Get in touch with our team to explore your eCommerce video options and decide which platform is best for your product video integration.

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