Tabletop Product Videos During COVID-19

Tabletop Product Videos During COVID-19

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The world’s been ravaged by Covid-19. Commerce has been badly bruised all the way from big industries like airlines and hotels all the way down to your neighborhood mom and pop coffee spot. Everyone’s been hurt and is just now starting to pick up the pieces and figure out how to put them back together again.

But after 6 years in this business, we know one thing for sure and that’s that eCommerce brands are resilient. At the heart of eCommerce is the entrepreneurial spirit. A spirit of determination, tenacity, and grit. eCommerce entrepreneurs are known to surmount any obstacle that comes their way and to take on the unknown with fearlessness. At Video Review Labs we share the same spirit as our customers. We know commerce cannot stop even during times of uncertainty. We know the show must go on.

So to help keep eCommerce entrepreneurs in the driver seat during this situation and to keep products moving we’re opening up our tabletop product video service with no project minimums for the first time. Tabletop product videos feature a direct-to-camera spokesperson speaking directly to a product’s features and benefits in a simple, focused setting. Viewers can easily see the ins and outs of a product along with quick demos. They’re a powerful way to get started with eCommerce video since they’re affordable, simple to produce, and highly scalable. Great for smaller brands looking for an affordable way to test the waters with video and for bigger brands who need a cost-effective way to produce a lot of content. If you’re a small online business we want to work with you to produce great video around your products to keep content flowing and products moving.

Reach out to the team at Video Review Labs to see how we can help your business during this unprecedented time through product videos.

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