Supplement Product Videos with a Sensitive Touch

Supplement Product Videos with a Sensitive Touch

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One of our favorite recent e-commerce video projects has been with Natural Fertility, an online store that sells supplements for both women and men to support a healthy journey towards conception. Natural fertility has developed their own capsules, herbal extracts, and powders that are made from all natural ingredients from all over the globe. What made this project such an exciting challenge was the need to balance tone and story with a lot of important information.

A woman’s journey to conception is one of the most emotional and life-changing challenges that one can embark on. We wanted to make sure our videos for Natural Fertility focused on this story of both stress and hope. Their customers relate and respond to messaging that sympathizes with these feelings and their desire to get their bodies healthy and balanced for a safe conception. We filmed lifestyle footage of our actress acting as a would-be-mother going through the process with the same hope and optimism as a customer would have about their own future.

This was a great counterbalance to the products themselves. Supplements aren’t very action packed so it can be a challenge to communicate their features and benefits visually. It was important to show how to take these supplements as well as explain through voice over why these forms are often times more effective. Soft, subtle visuals crafted the story and put the products into context with the situation many of Natural Fertility’s customers face at home.

Tying all these elements together was a unique challenge for us with Natural Fertility’s supplement product videos. We created a tone that perfectly captures the emotion and nature of the brand, while being an effective marketing tool to properly inform their customers online.


Do you sell fitness or health supplements? Standing out from your competitors online can be tough, especially in regards to visual commerce. Get in touch to talk about how we can produce visual content that tells the story of your supplement products and sets your brand apart from the noise.

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