Social Commerce with Pinterest Promoted Pins

Social Commerce with Pinterest Promoted Pins

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There is no doubt Pinterest has huge klout in the eCommerce game. It is a fun, simple to use platform for users to organically share and curate catalogs of their favorite things. A lot of bigger brands were late to the game on Pinterest and still haven’t seemed to quite master the natural feel of it. eCommerce sites like Etsy, Lowes, and Nordstrom made smart moves to be early adopters and have greatly benefitted from it. However, these particular brands seem to mesh well with Pinterest’s style and demographic: creative thinkers and DIYers that appreciate form and design in everyday life.

Pinterest’s user base is expanding and they are now helping medium and smaller sized brands connect better with consumers through Promoted Pins. The program is still in beta mode for select brands, but soon anyone will be able to set up a business account and promote their content.

Promoted Pins allow brands to strategically target specific demographics of users and collect analytics on their behavior with their pins. You’ll be able to see what kind of ROI you’re getting and who your content is resonating with most. The new program includes more advanced analytical features and allows brands to pay-per-click instead of the broader CPM model.

This is great news for eCommerce video strategy. Consumers are already exploring Pinterest looking for new ways to improve their homes and lives with great ideas and products. Brands can promote YouTube or Vimeo video pins to get their eCommerce video content right in front of their target customers in an environment where they are already naturally seeking out products and information. You can use Pinterest as a testing ground to see what eCommerce video content is engaging consumers and what’s not making the cut. Plus you can clearly determine your ROI on eCommerce video by exploring your impressions, click throughs, and repins.

Get in touch with Video Review Labs to talk social commerce. It’s a burgeoning way to hone your targeting, connect with customers more naturally, and easily gauge what kind of return you are getting on your marketing spend. We can take you through the process of planning out video content that will work on your product pages and across all your social platforms like Pinterest.

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