Video Review Labs is a one-stop marketing solution to enhance the online shopping experience for your customers. Whether you are an eCommerce site or a manufacturer selling products through channel partners, we are here to help. Video Review Labs is founded on providing the ultimate value to our customers with all of our services included in a single, bundled package.


We work directly with business owners and marketing teams alike to build eCommerce video strategies. We explore your business needs and find where product videos will fit in to help you sell more products while getting the most return on investment for your marketing dollars. This includes deployment timelines and channel options, web integration plans, and creative outlines that marry with your current marketing plans and become seamless extensions of your brand. We’ll help create new brand touch-points and opportunities where you can connect personally with your customers online.

Product Video Production

Video Review Labs offers full service video production from script to screen. We create scripts for each eCommerce video that effectively convey all your product’s features and benefits while still engaging customers personally and aligning well with your brand. We execute both on-location and in-studio production and finish all post-production work in-house.

We handle video package sizes ranging from ten products to over a hundred. We scale to meet our customers’ needs and provide quick turnaround without sacrificing quality.

All our videos are crafted to stay brand focused and on target with eCommerce marketing strategy. We have an in-house creative team that works from the start of each project to provide high level creative execution that builds your brand and connects with your customers through video.

Deployment and Video SEO

Video Review Labs ensures that your eCommerce videos can work across multiple marketing channels in different facets. Your videos should primarily work to drive sales conversions on the retail product page, but should also drive new web traffic and build brand awareness organically.

We back all of our videos with search engine optimization support. We deploy your videos online through YouTube and other third-party video hosting sites so they can easily integrate into your eCommerce store and embed across other brand pages. Videos are highly valuable to search engine like Google and Bing. We get your videos to rank for keywords consumers are searching when browsing for merchandise online.

Our deployment options are simple and efficient so your customers are never stalled by a buffering video or turned off by low resolution streaming. Everything is delivered in high quality and scalable to look amazing across any device your customers are using to browse online like phones, tablets, or laptops.