Scalable Product Videos with Microfiber Wholesale

Scalable Product Videos with Microfiber Wholesale

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When we first got wind of a doing project for Microfiber Wholesale we were pretty excited. Cleaning products tend not to be very sexy and marketers often fail at creating engaging content around these products. So this was our chance to work with an industry leader and set a new standard for visual commerce in the cleaning product sector.

The Video Review Labs team set out to create 25 product specific videos, 12 demonstration videos, and a brand video to round out the project.

Microfiber Wholesale was planning an enormous overhaul of their website including design, product photography, and video. The site needed a new, modern feel and consistency across every product page. Our task was to help maintain that consistency through video and position Microfiber Wholesale as an industry leader in product expertise and methodology.

This undertaking called for a massive amount of videos – 38 to be exact. The Video Review Labs team set out to create 25 product specific videos, 12 demonstration videos, and a brand video to round out the project.

The biggest challenge Microfiber Wholesale faces is their image. Most of their competitors are Made In China or huge cleaning product corporations running products in the microfiber niche. So often times new customers arrive to the site thinking they are getting more of what else is out there. But Microfiber Wholesale is a family owned business that has operated out of Southern California for over fifty years. It was started as a cleaning product company that has since been passed down 3 generations to the current owner and CEO who took the company online several years ago and grew the business beyond his grandfather’s wildest dreams. It still operates out of a single warehouse in Southern California with a staff of extended family and career employees, shipping out microfiber supplies all over the world.

To convey the friendliness behind the site, but also communicate the scale and professional operations of the business we shot on location in their warehouse. The Video Review Labs team flew out and set up shop for a three day shoot. We knocked out the product videos showing off their minute detail and quality that is typically hard to express through text and photos. From there we shot in a beautiful beach town home where the company’s CEO demonstrated the right methods that get the most out of their products for best cleaning practices and ensuring longevity of the products’ lifespan.

We rounded out the project with a brand film that could live on the site’s homepage and immediately giver every visitor a sense of the support, professionalism, and family values that keep the company running. Contact us at Video Review Labs to learn more about eCommerce video and how we can provide scalable product video production for your eCommerce brand.




Check out more videos from the project here.

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