Reaching millennial shoppers with eCommerce videos

Reaching millennial shoppers with eCommerce videos

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The millennial generation (ages 18 to 34), also known as Generation Y, are a big deal for marketers right now. They are a group in the prime time of life for making big purchase decisions and awarding their lifetime customer loyalty to their chosen brands.

Ah, to be young and heavily targeted for online ad campaigns. The best time to be alive.

But really, millennials have shown a great departure from the shopping habits of their parents’ generation, the Baby Boomers. They are much more concerned with the “why” of a product or brand rather than the “what”. They demand corporate transparency and prefer to align themselves with brands that take part in social causes and make great efforts to treat workers fairly, source locally, and provide community value. They like choices, to be in control of the shopping experience, and to be entertained. See TOMS shoes as a prime example of a brand that hit a home run with millennials early on with their marketing.

We make each eCommerce video a new touchpoint for your brand where you have an opportunity to tell the story surrounding a particular product.

This is important for online video and how your brand positions its products on the web toward millennials. Google reports that millennials are watching YouTube now more than any cable network. They even agree that YouTube has a stronger influence on their purchasing habits than traditional TV campaigns: 78% agreement on the influence of YouTube versus TV on purchasing beauty products, 61% for smartphones, and 73% for automotive vehicles. They reported to use YouTube as a lifestyle choice and as a tool to explore their passions and connect with brands. Now there’s no denying the power of product videos and eCommerce videos when it comes to marketing to millennials.

Video Review Labs leverages these insights into our video strategies. We focus on lifestyle content that will engage your customers and provide entertainment value in your product videos. We make each eCommerce video a new touchpoint for your brand where you have an opportunity to tell the story surrounding a particular product. This often means getting out of the studio and getting into real-life situations where we can put your products in human context, showing off how your gear works best in a true customer environment.

Take advantage of the shift from traditional advertising to content exploration by millennials across platforms like YouTube. Your marketing dollars will stretch much further, you will collect more accurate customer data, and ultimately better sales results. Get aggressive with Video Review Labs and our SEO services to make sure your eCommerce videos are getting maximum impressions and playing in front of the right, qualified customers you want landing on your product pages. Get in touch with the eCommerce video experts at Video Review Labs to explore your product video options. We’ll help you connect with your target customers through engaging lifestyle driven product videos that guarantee sales results.

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