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There is simply nothing better than product videos when it comes to showcasing your product’s value and capturing buyer attention.

A well-crafted product video has become a must-have for any business looking to compete and win in the world of e-commerce. It’s the essential marketing piece that drives sales to let your company reach its full potential.

Great product videos let the goods sell themselves by clearly showing the customer the value and benefits they’ll enjoy with their purchase. Rather than trying to win them over with sales-y promo copy loaded with buzzwords, videos let a viewer’s eyes and ears make the decision, creating a sense of familiarity and trust that is far more likely to move them toward a completed purchase.

It’s a night-and-day difference: industry data show that after watching a product video consumers are 85 percent more likely to make a purchase.

That means no more abandoned shopping carts. No more failed conversions from potential customers getting lost in a sea of copy and thumbnail photos. With great product videos, you can confidently move forward with every launch or sales campaign knowing customers will have the absolute best view of what you have to offer. And they’re far more likely to say “Yes” when it’s time to buy.


Successful product videos are a product of first identifying how and where viewers will encounter the video, and how familiar or engaged they are with your company beforehand. That means choosing whether to make an introductory piece that builds interest and curiosity in a brand, or focusing on specific features and details of a product that will push a prospective buyer over the finish line to complete a purchase.

Video Review Labs has the expertise and experience to produce exactly the right videos for your customers at every point along the purchase journey, from introduction to selection to buying decision. Let’s take a look at some of the options for different video types, and how they figure into your promotional strategy.

Awareness videos: These are videos that focus on introducing the company behind a product, or line of products, to let the customer know clearly what the brand stands for and what it can deliver to them. Awareness videos build a link between your company and the product a potential buyer is already interested in. When done right they set a company apart from competitors and build interest to drive a future purchase.

Demonstration videos: Any aspect of a product that makes it distinct or clearly better than a competitor takes center stage in a demonstration video. This is the chance to show off and in the process build familiarity and desire in the buyer, so much so that they’ll feel an absence when the video concludes and they realize they don’t have it in their possession. Great demonstration videos can also show a product in its real world context, which makes the buyer feel more connected to a community and the world around them.

Unboxing/Actual Life videos: We’ve all seen the seemingly endless stream of unboxing videos on YouTube and other video platforms. While they may seem mindless and mildly annoying, there’s no denying their success in building anticipation and familiarity with a featured product, which you can use to your advantage with videos that show real users experiencing and familiarizing themselves with a product. The real-life component of these videos adds an endorsement or testimonial quality for the viewer to break down their defenses against a traditional advertising message.

Puzzle Piece videos: When a product is part of a larger line or has an assortment of accessories also available for purchase, videos are a perfect way to feature a selection of options for buyers. This creates a perfect opportunity to upsell by encouraging secondary or later purchases in addition to the central featured product. These videos have the added benefit of making the brand establish itself as a leader in its product category because of the variety of products offered, demonstrating knowledge and investment in delivering whatever a customer is looking for.


Videos provide an undeniable advantage when it comes to converting visitors into buyers. We know that generating traffic to your e-commerce site is expensive and demanding. And when you consider that only 3 or 4 percent of all visits result in a purchase, it’s essential to use the method – a great product video – to capture attention.

The data show clearly what a difference video can make on your product pages.
• When a video is available on the site 60% of visitors will opt to watch it before reading any text.
• overall session duration increases by 340% when a video is present
• When videos are added to product pages, visitors browse on average 127% more pages per session.
• Those who watch videos are almost twice as likely to purchase than visitors who don’t engage with the video content.
• After watching a product video, consumers are up to 85% more likely to buy
• The “add-to-cart” conversion rate increases on average by 37% when product videos are added to product detail pages.

And the value of well-executed product videos last well beyond the purchase. Studies show 45% of shoppers said they would return to the e-commerce site that offers helpful product videos, and 44% would buy more products from the same site. And 93% of shoppers say that videos that offer instruction are useful after the product is already purchased, building further brand loyalty to make sure your company stays top of mind.

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