Product Videos in 2019

Product Videos in 2019

Product Videos

It’s halfway through 2019, and the most important ecommerce shopping days for this year are almost here. Heres some thoughts on the state of product videos as quarter 4 draws near.

We’ve believed in the power and effectiveness of product videos for years now for e-commerce retailers big and small. The sales results seen by Video Review Labs customers have legitimized the faith they’ve had in us when it came to creating great product videos, and it’s nice to see that industry data is continuing to show the importance of showing products in the best light using the power of captivating, well-crafted product video storytelling.

The figures from major online sales and marketing sites like HubSpot show us that video is growing more important every year. Put simply, companies can’t afford to not create a library of product videos they can use on sales platforms, social media and throughout other digital assets to capture attention and build demand immediately.

Cisco predicts that video will make up more than 80 percent of all Internet traffic by 2021 – less than two years away – and that expectation of video is a big reason why all businesses are investing more in product videos, and social video content. That content can come from a mix of in-house staff or outside contractors, but for product videos to be as effective as possible, it’s smart to trust in companies that have deep talent and experience in presenting products to audiences in the best light possible. With attention spans as short as ever, it’s important to master the rhythm of online content consumption. That means powerful visuals at the start of every product video and telling the story quickly since the data also show that audiences are far more likely to reach the end of a shorter video – less than a minute and a half, ideally – than a longer piece.

Forbes finds that 90 percent of customers say a video helps them make a buying decision, with 64 percent of them becoming more likely to buy thanks to what they’re shown in a video. There is also industry data that says the use of video in sales conversations overall has increased to 37 percent in recent years, roughly a 50 percent jump.

What you get with a robust plan for creating product videos is the flexibility to use one of the most effective forms of marketing in any channel you have available. That means you’ll make your social media content more effective and easier to spread through sharing, with lots of options and looks so fans of your brand won’t grow bored with what you’re showing them. With one shoot from an experience product video team, you’ll have a bank of footage that can be edited to different lengths and media formats, so you’ll always have exactly the right video to build attention and move closer to your next sale.

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