Why CPC Rates Are Surging and How to Win with Product Videos

Why CPC Rates Are Surging and How to Win with Product Videos

Product Videos

The pandemic era of surging online sales may be coming to a close. While travel and seasonal outdoor product sales may be up, many other category sales are down right now and CPC advertising rates are soaring. Widespread vaccinations and the country opening back up for business means people aren’t just sitting at home anymore spending their stimulus checks online. They’re traveling, getting out, and spending less time shopping (at least on the internet). Overall, it’s a positive shift, but what does it mean for online retailers? It may be time to optimize your site with eCommerce product videos.

As a result of lower search volume and rising CPC advertising, every visitor to your listing becomes that much more valuable to convert into a sale. So as brands navigate this post-COVID world (can we even call it that yet?) they need to re-focus their marketing efforts on optimizing all aspects of their business to help offset this shift in the market. One major way to optimize your product listings for both Amazon and your own site is with eCommerce product videos.

Product Videos

Product videos are the ultimate conversion tool on the product page as they simulate a tactile in-store experience. Viewers can see a product in action and get a sense for how it will look and shape their own life. Shoppers who watch a product video are between 64% and 85% more likely to buy. And the average conversion rate for websites with video is 4.8% versus 2.9% for sites without. The statistics go on and on. Video is no longer a luxury marketing tool. It’s a necessity, especially in eCommerce and especially now when every visitor counts.

At Video Review Labs we work with brands of every size to optimize their product listings through stunning product photos and eCommerce product videos. We’re Amazon listing optimization experts too. Our team has worked with hundreds of brands across dozens of verticals to test creative, run times, and video structure to understand exactly what works to optimize product listings for conversion.

Also, the great thing about creating video content is that it can be cut up and reused for other parts of the sales funnel. So while CPC advertising is high right now it might be worth investing into your organic social media efforts or optimizing the higher level parts of your site to keep shoppers engaged.

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So give us a shout at Video Review Labs during this odd time of pandemic recovery. We’ll work with you to strategize content and create product photos and product videos that convert. Our 5,000 square-foot studio space is located in Austin, Texas where we can receive and shoot products of all shapes and sizes. So whether you sell refrigerators or RFID blocking wallets we can help. Talk to us here!

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