Oversized and Complex Product Videos

Oversized and Complex Product Videos

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What truly sets us apart at VRL is that we specialize in product videos featuring the large and complex. We deal with oversized and technical products all day long. And we make it look easy.

Shooting something like a teapot is one thing. But how about showing your customers that your robotic components are intrinsically safe? Or how to install 50 different types of window blinds? Or how to install car insulation? That’s where we come in. Check out how we do it:


It starts with space. We need to store all of this stuff after all. And we learned the hard way on that. When you have multiple pallets of product showing up at your doorstep everyday ready for their product video debuts then you’d better have the space for them. Over the years our office has grown from a tiny maid closet (literally) to now a whopping 5,000 square foot warehouse facility in Austin, Texas where we receive, store, and shoot oversized products – from giant bean bags to outdoor grills to car parts. We also have a huge parking lot and bay door that lets delivery trucks and semis pull right up to our warehouse to drop off large products seamlessly. So when you can store and inventory large products then you can shoot large product videos.


Most on-location venues aren’t very accommodating to large and complex products. Real locations are expensive and delicate. So you have to get creative. That’s why we create our own locations. For example, take our project with client Blindster. For Blindster we were tasked with shooting lifestyle oriented product videos and how-to videos for around 40 different window blinds products. Well, each product required multiple screws placed into drywall in order to be installed so we couldn’t really shoot that at someone’s real home without extensive repairs. Plus creatively, we had 15-hour long shoot days where we needed the sun to keep the same look throughout all the videos. The light couldn’t be constantly changing in the windows. So we created our own high end living room set in our studio where we could fully control the light, replace and re-paint drywall as needed, and get the job done right.

Or take our project with client ComfySacks, maker of giant beanbags and mattresses. We had 20 different bean bags and mattress products to shoot (some up to 8 feet wide) in a clean, repeatable process. Fortunately, our studio boasts a 30’x30’x16′ massive white cyclorama wall where we can shoot studio product videos like ComfySacks and additional space for custom set building where we can shoot lifestyle product videos like Blindster.


You can’t fake authenticity. When producing product videos around complex or technical products you have to get it right. After all, viewers are often using these videos as a buying and how-to guide. On our latest project with client Second Skin Audio we were tasked with creating product videos around audio noise and heat insulation products. These can be very technical and Second Skin boasts being the number one brand in the game and an information hub to their customers. For several weeks our creative team lived and breathed car insulation to get to know the products and understand them as well as an engineer or salesman on the front lines. We’re talking to car and automotive professionals after all so we really had to know our stuff when it came to these product videos.

Our creative team has years of experience and works to dive deep into the technical aspects of your products to make sure their features are being communicated on screen in the most effective way. So everything looks easy peasy to your customers. Whether you sell B2B products or a specialty B2C niche where every detail and authenticity counts, we can help.

Get in touch with the team at VRL and see how we can help get more of your large or complex products moving with product videos!

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