4 Tips for Product Videos on Facebook

More and more people are uploading, viewing, discovering, and sharing videos on Facebook than ever before. The social media giant last reported in November of 2015 over 8 billion video views a day, and though they haven’t reported a new figure since, it’s more than likely that number has increased substantially. Product video, particularly on mobile, is becoming more and more important. People are watching a lot of video content on social and eCommerce brands should be taking a piece of that pie. When you make product videos for Facebook you are creating experiences that are memorable, emotional and noteworthy. Organic Facebook video is ultimately a brand awareness play where eCommerce brands can establish mindshare and stay culturally relevant with […]

4 Places to Delight Customers with eCommerce Video

Ninety percent of online users say product videos are very helpful in the buying decision-making process. Product videos can boost eCommerce conversions upwards of eighty percent. Not only can eCommerce product videos improve conversions, but product videos can also enhance the overall experience of a website and keep shoppers engaged. Visitors spend 2 minutes longer on a website that has product videos than they would on a website without any videos. Having just one video on your site may not be enough to really get the attention you’re looking for. There are many places you can put eCommerce videos throughout your website to enhance the user experience and make it overall more personable. Check out these 4 types of eCommerce […]

What is touchable video?

It’s a really exciting time for product video technology. Virtual reality and 360 video are hot topics at the moment and it has users jazzed to experience interactive video. But it seems that people are ignoring and missing out on a technology that is way more useful and ready now. Something that can impact eCommerce video content in a big way- touchable video. Cinematique revolutionized video when they built a platform that tracks what viewers “touch” while watching anything from TV shows to branded video. Users can touch or click on anything that interests them in any product video and the objects are then bookmarked and saved to a “boutique” that can be purchased or shared with friends online.   […]

How Product Videos Boosted This Houseware Brand’s Conversions By Over 20%

There are thousands of housewares and home furnishings eCommerce sites for consumers to choose from. That’s a lot of options. So how does a company stand out among the rest? Product videos might be the best bet. Digital video on a landing page has an incredible ability to increase conversions by helping consumers understand the product and provide as much information as possible about the products offered. Consumers don’t want to spend their time reading about a product. They want videos. Brands that cater to such demands are more likely to see higher sales and gain loyal customers. Video Review Labs worked with Phoenix based eCommerce brand, House Home & More, to build out a holistic video strategy and create […]