Leveraging YouTube to Boost Your eCommerce Videos

Leveraging YouTube to Boost Your eCommerce Videos

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YouTube is the internet’s video content king. It racks up 6 billion visitors every month and boasts the most expansive collection of video online. It can often times feel cluttered with amateur phone video clips and cat videos, but YouTube is also a highly valuable tool for business. Brands can very effectively establish their presence online through video and reap the many benefits YouTube has to offer.

YouTube being in the Google family also makes it a great place to execute your search engine optimization strategy. Video still naturally ranks higher in search engine results because Google finds it so valuable to online visitors. So when optimizing YouTube eCommerce videos for SEO rankings, we are already working with a natural advantage compared to text content across the web. The Video Review Labs team are video SEO experts and work to make sure our videos are reaching as many of the right people as possible. Lots of views are great, but getting your videos in front of qualified customers who are actively pursuing information about your products is the most important objective in video SEO.

YouTube can help build the SEO ranking of your company’s site or product page as well. Creating backlinks in the video descriptions and channel content will drive customer traffic from YouTube to your site. Then as Google crawls YouTube for information it will recognize backlinks and improve your site’s ranking in normal Google search results as well.

Another major benefit to eCommerce videos and product videos is YouTube’s curation functionality. When consumers are browsing YouTube for product reviews and information videos, YouTube recognizes what kind of content they are looking for and automatically makes suggestions to viewers based on these findings. So, for example, someone may be watching a product video for one of your competitors, unaware of your product in the marketplace or unfamiliar with your brand. YouTube knows this visitor is searching within certain keywords or categories so it automatically suggests your eCommerce video as a similar product for the viewer to watch next. So you are building awareness organically for your brand while also engaging customers and ultimately leading them to a purchase conversion with your product video. And all of this at no cost.

It is important to take advantage of YouTube’s functionality and consumer focused interface to help leverage awareness for your brand and product sales with eCommerce video. To learn more about video SEO and how your brand can stand out on the web, give us a ring at Video Review Labs to explore your options and make a move with eCommerce video.

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