4 Ways to Set Your Kitchen Products Apart with eCommerce Video

4 Ways to Set Your Kitchen Products Apart with eCommerce Video

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There are over 11 million products under the Kitchen and Dining category on Amazon. That’s a lot. So it is obviously tough to compete, especially when you’re selling a product like a spatula or an oven mitt. Simple products typically don’t have too wide a range on the functionality and quality spectrum. Your products might even be coming out of the same manufacturer as your competitor. So you end up competing with your marketing.

Product videos are a surefire way to help improve conversions on your kitchen products and make your brand stand out. Kitchen product videos not only demonstrate your product quality and functionality clearly. They help you build a brand voice that is totally unique from everything your competitors are doing.

Here are a few ways kitchen product videos can help you sell more online:

1. Show off product quality

You sell a quality kitchen tool and that can be hard to communicate through copywriting and photography alone. Your silicone whisk has a stainless steel core that gives it some heft when you’re cooking, but your competitor’s product is all rubber and gives way to hard mixing. Address that in product videos. Show side-by-side comparisons. Show beautiful close up pans of the product that focus on the minute details in the construction. Show a model picking up the product, feeling the weight, and really testing it under pressure so your customers can see how it stands up to the competition.



2. Put the product in a contextual setting

The product should be seen in a contextual setting, not just a white background. People associate your product and brand with the higher brass if they see it used in an upscale kitchen or a modern home. When shoppers see a BBQ tool in a real authentic grill or pit setting they can connect and know it is a product that will fit in with what they do day to day.

3. Make the food look delicious

We put kitchen products in the aspirational category for advertising. People want to invest in kitchen products that fuel their lifestyle in the kitchen and ultimately help them be a better chef. So food styling in a kitchen product video is vital. The food has to look delicious. You don’t want the idea that your product could produce something sub-par to ever cross your customer’s mind. Food styling is hard work. There is a whole job dedicated to food styling for video and photography (on some commercial sets there is a whole team). We propped a professionally made BBQ pork roast for our Grillaholics Meat Claws video to associate the product with the highest quality food.



4. Tell the story of your brand

Make your brand voice unique through the different elements of product videos: shot compositions, music, editing, voice over, etc. Colors play an important part into how shoppers perceive kitchen product videos. People enjoy cool colors like blues and greens associated with food-related videos. Some touches of warm colors like pops of red or yellow help the visual aesthetic, but don’t go overboard. Our set of videos with Vesper’s Kitchen had a fun editing style set to percussion-driven pop music. Stylized graphics and the shot compositions of the products really conveyed Vesper’s Kitchen as a fun, colorful, relatable, and modern kitchen product brand.

Video Review Labs creates amazing kitchen product videos for our clients who sell on Amazon or their own eCommerce site. We help build kitchen product brands through video and improve conversions on the product page. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you sell more kitchen products online and elevate your brand through product videos.

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