Installation Videos

Installation Videos

Installation Videos

“Well, I got this product installed and assembled easily the first time thanks to this black-and-white 87-page instruction booklet written in eight languages with microscopic print.” – said no one ever, at any time. It’s a problem that more and more companies are solving by emphasizing helpful installation videos that visually walk customers through the process.

There is literally nothing more deflating than getting a brand new purchase in the mail, opening it and realizing there’s an afternoon with a toolbox ahead before you can make use of a new piece of furniture, décor or electronic equipment. Customers know this, which is why adding short but helpful installation videos to your e-commerce product offerings is crucial.

Unlike the dreaded instruction manual, an installation video (which can also focus on product assembly) can be a part of the series of introductory product videos presented through online sales platforms like Amazon. Seeing well-produced installation videos early in the sales funnel can help shoppers get a different look at what they’re buying, and remove any apprehension about how to install or assemble their new find in their home or office.

There’s also the added benefit that showing an installation video presents the product in more of a real-world light – less glitz and promo, more “here it is in action” – so customers will have an even easier time envisioning your product in their daily lives.

Video Review Labs knows that capturing friendly, personable on-screen talent using and installing a product on video helps make a product feel more relatable. Our installation videos are created to show the best attributes and how they can quickly be incorporated into any real-life situation.

A great installation video shouldn’t be an afterthought, or else it can wind up looking like one. When planning your product video campaign we can make sure to incorporate the same brand concepts and core messaging into the installation or assembly videos.

Talk to us today about how we can make our next great installation video work for you.

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