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Instagram Product Videos

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Instagram has stepped up its game in a massive way with a variety of new options to allow users to make purchases from brands’ product videos that appear in their feed. The “vertical feed video” purchase development obviously creates lots of opportunity for companies in the physical products space to utilize videos on a whole new level – the team at Video Review Labs loves the possibilities for fashion brands especially – but trying to market on one more social channel may seem intimidating at first to owners.

As experts in visual storytelling with decades of experience in creating product videos and still photography, VRL will make the process easy and effective so your brand can play big on Instagram and its massive global customer base.

First of all, we understand how influential Instagram product videos have become.

There are more than 4 billion “likes” administered on the platform each day, and in 2019 it’s almost certainly going to become the most-used social platform in the world. Facebook’s purchase of the app for a cool $1 billion a few years ago now seems like the deal of the century, since users engage with Instagram content 23 percent more than they do with posts on Facebook.

The hidden truth behind those figures, though, is that Instagram users are thinking and interacting with visual stimulation first, and anything that doesn’t reach out and grab their eyeballs and brains in a split second is a lost opportunity to capture their interest. Because of that product videos on Instagram absolutely have to be visually stunning and meet a viewer’s need to see more, as fast as possible.

By pre-planning with our customers to know the full scope of their advertising campaign we build a visual asset library of great video clips and still images that allow us to create high-impact product videos that will work on any ecommerce or social platform. Once we complete shooting we will edit footage that will be designed with Instagram users in mind, whether that means they make a purchase right away or save the clip and your brand’s information so they can make a purchase some other time.

Beyond the vertical play where fractions of seconds are all you have to capture attention, VRL can create product videos enabled for purchase that can live in the Stories video section, which is expected to become the dominant point of consumption on Instagram in the very near future.

When that happens you can be ready to capture the imagination of countless new fans of your brand’s great lineup of products. Talk to us now about how we can develop a full array of product videos to help you stand out from everyone else.

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