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Fitness product videos pose a unique challege.

Working out with a new piece of fitness gear may be a sure way to burn calories and get in shape, but a 12-hour day spent working to make a great fitness product video is an endurance test of its own.

Fitness product videos for e-commerce as a genre have to meet a high standard because of the very personal and aspirational nature of the products involved. And it’s also crucial to set proper expectations for how a product will perform, how it should be used safely and what results it can deliver for the user through consistent use.

At Video Review Labs we take great care in the pre-planning and setup for fitness product video shoots so your gear, equipment or accessories are shown in the best light possible and set high but realistic expectations for the consumer. We want them to get excited and envision themselves taking important steps to improve their health and fitness with the help of great fitness products they’ll use over and over.

Those shoots, editing, and post-production make for long days, but they pay off when we deliver a medal-winning finished product. Here’s how we do it.

The Warm-up

Because your products need to look great we want them to be seen in use by world-class fitness professionals who know the proper and beneficial movements that need to be performed with a given piece of equipment to achieve maximum results.

We have a deep roster of trainers, models and other fitness professionals from throughout Texas and beyond and will work with you to find the right people and prep them extensively on the movements and shots we need to accomplish for a great product video. This process alone makes a huge difference.

The popularity of Crossfit, P90X and other next-generation fitness video programs have raised the level of education and awareness on the basics of training and exercising. That means interested consumers come into a buying scenario knowing they’ll have to work hard and dedicate themselves to make a difference.They expect the products they use to perform at a top level and need to see well-trained experts using them as a sort of unspoken blessing.

The on-camera fitness talent we contract with are in peak physical fitness and we present them in a professional but relatable way that makes it easy for the viewer to see themselves using the product in the manner shown on their screen. That’s one huge step that our fitness product videos help draw them ever closer to the “buy” button. 

The Workout

A little means a lot.

If you’re doing it right, a group of good fitness product video that runs less than a minute is the result of 12 hours of shooting with one or two fitness professionals in our top-line studio. We obviously can produce a package of videos from that lengthy shooting session, but the fact remains that – just like when you’re working out to improve your health – there’s no way to take a shortcut to great results.

That time is necessary because of all the normal production needs of any video shoot; establishing proper blocking and lighting and tending to any of a dozen other factors that play into getting quality footage. But there’s also the fact that the talent demonstrating the fitness products in question have to look great and natural while they’re exercising on camera for dozens of reps at a time. Not one grimace or flinch. Smiling the entire time, with not one shock of hair out of place.

We make sure absolutely nothing distracts from the on-screen talent looking like a million bucks on camera while they’re using your products. That takes time, so that every rep is performed correctly and clearly illustrates to the new user what they need to do to look like the people they’re watching.

And with an extensive plan for the video shoot, we’ll know exactly what features you want to highlight for your products, and will make the most out of every minute of production/shoot time. Just like you plan out a workout for maximum efficiency and results, we’ll deliver every visual asset your company needs to be seen as first class on any ecommerce platform, with Amazon at the top of the list.

The Cooldown

A series of great product videos is more than an advertisement. Taking the time to conceive a great look for your videos can make them valuable branding assets that will further the core values and image you’ve worked hard to present to the world.

With special attention to every detail during our editing process, the finished product video series will be both visually captivating and ready to format and upload for any online sales platform you’re planning to use. 

Every second counts when it comes to grabbing and keeping the attention of online shoppers. And even though customers for fitness products are making a conscious, well-researched buy instead of an impulse purchase, they’ll move on from videos and products that they don’t think is meeting their need. With those crucial split seconds in mind, Video Review Labs will tailor your visual message to be powerful and impactful so you never lose an eligible customer’s attention.

Fitness product videos may take a lot of time and work, but the results speak for themselves. Click here to find out how we can make your fitness product company look great. 

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