Filming the Most Rugged Tablets on Earth

Filming the Most Rugged Tablets on Earth

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Xplore Technologies boasts manufacturing the most rugged personal tablets in the world. So we teamed up with them to put that notion to the test.

Xplore is an Austin, Texas based company that supplies full PC powered rugged tablets to customers all over the world. From police departments operating in the hottest, sandiest cities of the middle east to good old fashioned, tough American industries like railroads and oil fields. They are built with unbelievable specs, holding up to intense heat, corrosion, and impact.


The Video Review Labs team worked with Xplore to create seven product videos featuring the industrial strength of their Bobcat and XC6 series tablets. Xplore’s challenge is often demonstrating the extreme ruggedness of their products to buyers early on in the sales process. Their products surpass their competitors by far to almost an unbelievable extent. So we wanted to put the tablets in extreme situations to quickly show their amazing product specs, but also feel relatable to any industrial business decision maker.

We landed on the idea of crafting short product vignettes that show the products in a real life situation at an ambiguous industrial site. Casting called for an all-American worker and the voice over of an experienced storyteller reminiscent of Discovery Channel style programming. We put the tablets through real damage, nothing was faked or altered in post production. From spraying water directly on the screen to hose off mud all the way to running over a tablet with a pickup truck – we did it all.

The result was a package of seven industrial product videos in bite size format that industrial workers can quickly pass along to their bosses and co-workers to show off the incredible durability of the tablets they want and need on the job. The project was successful to arm the Xplore sales and marketing teams with the video tools they need to communicate their products’ features and benefits quickly to potential buyers. Plus these videos are just plain badass.

Check out the full set of videos here. Let Video Review Labs help tell the stories of your products. Contact us to see how we can work together to build your brand and sell more online.

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