eCommerce videos for omni-channel retailing

eCommerce videos for omni-channel retailing

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Brands must consistently adapt and conform to consumer purchase habits. That means going mobile with your eCommerce store, providing relevant branded content, and making your product available where consumers want to shop. Omni-channel retailing is a hot topic right now as brands expand across the latest and greatest sales outlets and work hard to keep their brand experiences consistent.

Information Age reports that 71% of consumers expect to be able to view all of a brick and mortar retail store’s inventory online.

Information Age reports that 71% of consumers expect to be able to view all of a brick and mortar retail store’s inventory online.

Search Engine Watch reports that last year 30% of eCommerce site traffic came through mobile devices and that number is expected to double by 2018.

That’s a lot of demand from consumers to get what they want where they want it. The pressure is on marketers to provide a seamless experience for their brand and products through all of their marketing channels and purchase points. It can take long work hours, a lot of money, and plenty of third-party vendors to maintain a great omni-channel presence. But marketers can leverage their content to work for them across many channels and stretch their marketing dollars further.

This is why eCommerce video content is a powerful omni-channel tool for marketers. Video Review Labs provides brands with amazing product videos that drive sales conversions on their product pages. We can integrate these videos into a brand’s retail site, its channel partners’ sites, and even platforms like Amazon. This keeps brand messaging and product information consistent across all your sales channels and allows you to do it with one single piece of content. Awesome, right? Yes, yes, it is. And what’s even more awesome is that Video Review Labs produces all of your product videos and includes web integration across your omni-channel presences for one single price.

But wait! There’s more. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Video Review Labs can re-purpose lifestyle and product video content from the same projects to work as brand engagement tools across social media, public relations, retargeting ads, and many other marketing avenues. That way you can keep pumping out fresh eCommerce video content that is unique to the channel and audience, but still consistent across all your marketing channels to keep your brand experience top notch.

Get in touch with our team at Video Review Labs. Let’s chat it up about your omni-channel methods. We can help you make premium product video content that works across all your channels to engage customers and drive sales conversions.

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