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eCommerce product video Strategy

So you’re interested in brushing up on eCommerce product video Strategy? Well Video Review Labs is a one-stop solution for driving product sales conversions on eCommerce sites. We are laser focused on eCommerce video solutions (although don’t have actual lasers in the lab, that would be awesome). Our team works with clients across many industries to identify their online sales issues, map out tangible sales and engagement goals, and then craft strategies to solve these needs.

Stategic Development

Our production team is in the creative process from Day One of strategy development. We craft art direction in line with your current branding and to integrate our videos seamlessly into your eCommerce web user interface so everything will ultimately be one cohesive brand experience. Our technique is pre-production heavy to keep production lean, timely, and scalable to match the size of your product catalog whether it’s two or two hundred products. We value our customer relationships and craft your videos’ visual aesthetics to be replicable and remain consistent by our team every time you have new product video needs. We are able to do all of this and maintain a high level of brand storytelling and visual quality in every single video.

Product Video Stats:

“Consumers are 64% to 85% more likely to purcahse after watching a product video online” – Videonomics
“52% of consumers are more confident in a purchase after watching a product video.” – Internet Retailer

eCommerce videos and ecommerce product videos live on product pages to ultimately drive sales conversions. They are multi-purpose tools that build brands and engage consumers online. They build SEO value for your site and accumulate customer data and insights from the web. Think of eCommerce videos as marketing Swiss army knives. They work in different forms and on different levels to do many different niche things, but ultimately they are there to increase product sales and grow revenue for your brand.

Enhancing Your Customer Experiences

Product videos communicate product features and benefits better than any other form of media. Especially for complicated or higher price point products, this is extremely important so consumers feel confident in what they are buying. 96% of consumers find videos helpful in making online purchase decisions. So eCommerce videos can be the make or break point for a customer way down in the decision phase of the sales cycle. You have invested the marketing efforts to get them to this point on your product page whether it’s been through SEO, SEM, social ads, etc. A well-crafted, informative, and brand championing product video ensures that a customer converts once they are armed with that high-level product knowledge.

Product Video Stats:

“52% of consumers remain long on websites with product videos” – Vouchercloud
“44% of consumers purchse more products on sites with product videos.” – Vouchercloud

The Power of eCommerce Videos

eCommerce videos and ecommerce product videos do what photos and text cannot do. They turn online product exploration into an interactive, personable experience. We put your products into human context through lifestyle content so your customers can see how to use your products in their own unique situations. They feel educated about the functionality of the product, understand the value in its design and build, and connect with the brand on a personal level. 73% of consumers are actually more likely to purchase after watching a product video. That’s a strong number in the eCommerce space.

End to End eCommerce video production

As a marketer or business owner (heck, as a human being) your most valuable asset is your time. Traditional video production companies are expensive as well as extremely time consuming for marketers to project manage and police the use of brand assets. Video Review Labs is cost-effective and acts as a time relief for marketers. We provide quick turnaround for all of our projects because we know the timeliness of product launches and new marketing campaigns is essential to their success. Our solution is a business to business service at a business to consumer level of simplicity. You are as much involved in the strategy and development phase as you wish. Our strategists and project managers work at a high level to understand your brand, your goals, and execute everything precisely to well represent your brand through video.

After creative development and approval, all you have to do is ship us your products and we take care of the rest. We manage all aspects of production, post-production, and web integration. We can integrate your videos into the product pages of any eCommerce software from Volusion to Shopify to BigCommerce and even custom sites. Our videos are backed with SEO to draw in site traffic and give you an edge when competing against other category products or channel partners. We provide advanced analytics on who is watching your video and where. That way you can measure ROI and we can adjust deployment strategies when necessary.

Product Video Stats:

“Consumers are 64% to 85% more likely to purcahse after watching a product video online” – Videonomics
“52% of consumers are more confident in a purchase after watching a product video.” – Internet Retailer

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Get in touch with Video Review Labs. You may be needing new eCommerce videos yesterday or you may just be exploring your options for increasing sales. Either way, we would love to talk to you. We’re happy to provide insights and advice on what your brand could be doing with product videos online. We’re ready to get started on your eCommerce video solutions to get your products moving.

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