eCommerce video is interactive, talk to your customers

eCommerce video is interactive, talk to your customers

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You want to be social with your customers online. Your eCommerce site is essentially your digital storefront where you want to interact with customers as much as possible. Every image, block of text, and button is an opportunity to create a brand touch point where you can make your customers’ online experience more human. eCommerce videos should be no different.

eCommerce video doesn’t have to be a one-way form of communication. It’s a user focused medium that flexes and adapts to your customers’ needs just as an in-store salesperson would. With eCommerce video we are able to control all of the functionality of product videos on the internet from what size and resolution they stream on our computer to where and when we watch them. This is extremely empowering to online shoppers especially.

You want your brand videos to be engaging. Engagement has become somewhat of a buzzword in marketing, but it really means something else with eCommerce videos. eCommerce video engagement goes well beyond entertainment value in the content and into what lives around the video player: customer and brand discussion.

eCommerce video is flexible and can be distributed through multiple media channels including all of your brand’s social media outlets. It can be edited into different forms to stay fresh and relevant to its respective syndication. Get your product videos on YouTube so customers can ask questions and provide feedback in the comments. Respond to them directly and be genuine and honest. Create a brand voice that not only speaks one way in banner ads and text content, but that can work in a dialogue between customers directly.

Your strategy should alter between social media channels. For instance, product videos will be much less interesting or relevant to your brand’s Facebook or Twitter followers. They want shorter content that speaks directly to them with some more entertainment value. Here is where you can cut your videos down to shorter spots to share lifestyle content and put your products in human context. Drive traffic back to YouTube where your informative product videos live or back to your eCommerce site where they can learn more and purchase. But the open dialogue should live on regardless of the channel. You can talk to customers directly on Facebook, tweet at them, and just create real discussions. After all, there may be many similar competitor products out there. Your customers are buying into your brand and the lifestyle you help them create aside from a quality product. eCommerce video is a wonderful way to embody this online.

Get in touch with us at Video Review Labs to talk about your brand’s eCommerce video strategy and how you can make your online presence more human for your customers.

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