eCommerce Product Videos

eCommerce Product Videos

Video Review Labs drives sales conversions for our clients through Ecommerce product videos. In the process, we build customer relationships, improve brands’ online presences, and grow revenue. We provide turn-key scalable video packages. We work with your team to develop eCommerce video strategies to accomplish your goals, provide full-service Ecommerce product videos production, and web integration with SEO. We craft beautiful portraits of your products’ features and benefits and infuse lifestyle content to really tell the story of your brand so your eCommerce videos engage with customers.

eCommerce Videos Move Products

Ecommerce product videos empower shoppers with product knowledge and confidence. Shopping online is an amazing resource for our busy lives and growing by leaps and bounds every day. But eCommerce sites lack the tangibility and real-life product demos that people get in brick and mortar shops. There is no salesman or pro staff to pitch the product and relay product information relative to each customer’s unique situation. eCommerce lacks the human touch. Video Review Labs creates eCommerce video experiences that make online shopping more tangible and genuine. When people are shopping for higher price point products or technically complicated products like pro camping gear or electronics, they need to thoroughly understand what they are getting in the box.

Product Video Stats:

“Consumers are 64% to 85% more likely to purcahse after watching a product video online” – Videonomics
“52% of consumers are more confident in a purchase after watching a product video.” – Internet Retailer

eCommerce videos educate customers and instill the confidence they need to make a big purchase. Most people learn visually and audibly so eCommerce videos are truly the most optimum rich media content that brands can use to quickly educate customers online. Well-crafted product videos build trust between brands and customers that lead to long relationships and recurring purchases. That means better brand loyalty, higher customer retention rates, and fewer returns of online purchases.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

Ecommerce product videos are not just supplements to text and photos on your product pages. They are incredibly effective marketing tools that add value to your customers’ online shopping experiences. Video Review Labs works with brands to integrate their product videos seamlessly into their product pages and eCommerce stores so they become a cohesive, engaging brand experience. This keeps shoppers more engaged and wanting to spend more time on your eCommerce site. They get a more in-depth shopping experience that feels fluid and unique to their preferences and purchase habits.

eCommerce Product Video Stats:

“52% of consumers remain long on websites with product videos” – Vouchercloud
“44% of consumers purchse more products on sites with product videos.” – Vouchercloud

Video Review Labs works with marketers early on to plan the web integration of eCommerce videos into their sites. We take a holistic approach so your product videos marry well with all of your other digital marketing efforts and really create a beautiful, positive experience for your online shoppers. We are pros at integration with custom eCommerce sites as well as software like Volusion, Shopify, BigCommerce, and many more.

Low Cost and Effective

Video Review Labs has disrupted the traditional video production model. Many times high-quality Ecommerce product video productions can be very costly, time consuming, and work intensive for the vendor as well as the marketer. At Video Review Labs we have developed our own process of scaling eCommerce videos without sacrificing quality. We are able to provide agency level video production work at a fraction of the cost. eCommerce videos are also excellent tools to add to your digital marketing arsenal.

More Product Video Stats:

“52% of marketers agree that ecommerce product video has the best ROI – Videonomic
“95% of best-in-class maerketers are using product videos as a marketing tactic – Aberdeen Group

eCommerce video hosting is cheap and often even free with services like YouTube or Vimeo. They provide a lot of SEO value to generate web traffic and drive qualified leads to your product pages. Video Review Labs offers extensive services to provide you with different versions of your eCommerce videos to deploy across multiple marketing channels. We always want you to get the most bang for your buck and fetch a huge return on your marketing dollars.

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