eCommerce product video styles

eCommerce product video styles

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Oh the places you can go with product videos. Anything you can dream up can be created and filmed. But you’re probably trying to actually sell something with a product video and you probably don’t have an unlimited budget for it. You’re probably also trying to cover more than one product and you don’t have unlimited time. That’s why our product videos typically fall into one of multiple style options. We have developed creative direction and logistical execution for these different styles of product videos to make them fast, efficient, and still uphold our special standard of quality. Check them out:

White Background

This is the classic clean white background setting that never goes out of style. Commercials, explainers, and training videos among others all utilize this look for its consistency, simplicity, and ease of replication. We often work with clients who have a lot of products to cover with video. They don’t have the bandwidth or budget to sink much time and creative into each one. They need the basics to get the message across and then need to move onto the next one. So we like to turn to the classic white background style fairly often when we have to keep it simple and cover a lot of ground.

-Simple and clean. Keeps focus solely on the products
-Easy to replicate in the future. Film some now and come back to the same setup relatively easily when you have new products.
-Max efficiency. We can cover way more ground with a simplified setup that lets us run through different products efficiently.
-Gives you a blank canvas to play with and get creative sometimes.

-Very common. It is more challenging to differentiate your videos and brand with a style so many others use.
-No context for viewers to see your product in action typically.


While white background videos are technically shot in a studio we actually consider “Studio Videos” a separate style altogether. So what’s the difference? Shooting in a studio environment allows total control over every variable in production. If we build a living room set in a studio we can control which direction the sun (created by our lights) is coming from all day. If we actually go shoot in a real home living room the sun will be changing on us all day, the neighbor’s dog will be barking, the mailman will get mad at us for blocking the mailbox, etc. So if consistency and efficiency is critical to a shoot then we often opt to film it in a studio setting where we can control every detail. The studio also opens up all the possibilities to create something that doesn’t already exist in the world (like a particular room layout, a cool background design, etc.)

-Control every variable in production.
-Highly efficient
-Endless creative options
-Plenty of branding opportunities. We can get very detailed and specific with set design coordination. (Like matching the bathroom trim to your brand colors, pretty sweet, right?)

-Set building can get expensive
-Limiting on context. We can create incredible interior and abstract sets, but can never really show the authentic feeling of something like a hiking product confined to a studio.


This is hands down our most popular and sought after (but most expensive) style. Nothing communicates a product’s features and benefits better than seeing it in a contextual setting and how it will integrate with your lifestyle. We can beautifully light and shoot every tiny detail of a french press in a studio all day. But what really sells it is the early morning light peeking through the kitchen blinds, the steam lightly whistling from the warm kettle, and the look on someone’s face as they take that first wonderful sip of home-brewed java. Shoppers like to see products in action. And marketers like to see their products in action. Lifestyle shoots are complex and typically a fair sized investment, but they are by far the most effective types of product videos.

-Contextual. Shoppers can see the product in action and visualize it in the context of their own lifestyle
-Endless possibilities. The world is literally our stage as we can take a product and put it anywhere. French press in the kitchen? Medicine ball in the gym? Surfboards at the beach? We’ll pack our bags.
-High-end look. Lifestyle videos are like miniature commercials. They make your brand look big and your products look high end.

-Low efficiency
-Can get expensive
-Production challenges differ location to location


Which style of product videos is right for your brand? Our team sees every project equally and we dedicate the same time and effort into making your product look beautiful no matter the style or setting. Get in touch with us today to talk through your product video needs so we can see which style suits your goals, budget, and timeline best!

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