eCommerce Brew

eCommerce Brew is the latest and greatest web show about building your eCommerce brand through digital marketing. The Video Review Labs team serves up a new episode fresh every month featuring hot topic discussions in local brewpubs with eCommerce industry leaders. We talk to the experts about how eCommerce store owners and marketing teams of any size can maximize their marketing dollars and utilize innovative forms of digital marketing to build their online presence and drive sales.

Discussions on eCommerce Brew encompass topics like Social Commerce, mobile advertising, online storytelling, content marketing, organic SEO, and, of course, eCommerce video. eCommerce is still in its infancy and we are helping marketers find ways to stay cutting edge and keep ahead of their competition while still building a strong brand for their store online.

The Beer

The Video Review Labs team is all about eCommerce and product video production. But after five it’s time for some eCommerce with a nice cold beer. We film eCommerce Brew on location in the hottest local breweries and pubs so we can get as close to the fresh brew action as possible. We get a chance to try different beers introduced by the Master Brewers at the beginning of each episode. Do you know a brewery or beer brand you would like to see featured on the show? Shoot us an email so we can check it out and you might see it in our next episode. Email us at

The Hosts

eCommerce Brew is hosted by Video Review Labs Co-Founders, Charlie Rall and Eric Winchester. Charlie and Eric banded together to form Video Review Labs in early 2014. They set out to provide etailers with high quality product video production and eCommerce video solutions that would help build their brands and drive sales online. Charlie is the product video production maestro coming from a background of creating branded video content and producing scalable media. He is an amateur beer enthusiast with a love for American IPAs and Central European pale lagers.

Eric leads Video Review Labs’ business and web strategy departments. He has built many successful eCommerce sites throughout his career and lead the strategy and development of advertising campaigns before starting Video Review Labs. Eric has a refined preference for liquor, but has a soft spot for Mexican lagers.


Episode 1: Intro to Social Commerce

Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence, discusses why eCommerce marketers should be investing in social network advertising beyond content marketing and paying attention to the near future of selling through platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Unique Influence | @UInfluence | @ryanpitylak

Episode 2: Brand Experience in Digital Commerce

Matthew Bell, Co-founder of Brew Drop, tells us the story behind starting his company and how their team hit the scene with a community focused marketing approach. He discusses the importance of product design and brand experience in digital commerce and how simple, focused UI and company transparency affects early customer acquisition.

Brew Drop | @BrewDrop | @iammatthewdbell