eCommerce Brew – Episode 1: Intro to Social Commerce

eCommerce Brew – Episode 1: Intro to Social Commerce

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Alas! The long awaited web show from Video Review Labs. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you eCommerce Brew– a new web show about eCommerce marketing and building your brand online. Each episode we visit a local brew pub with a special guest from the eCommerce community to discuss different topics trending in the digital marketing space over a pint (or two). Video is a tool that fits into so many different levels and functions of the sales funnel and digital marketing process. So we are all about finding ways to incorporate eCommerce video into different marketing tactics and implementation models so brands can really maximize the use of their content online.

For our first episode we caught up with our old friend Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence. Ryan has been working in digital advertising for a long time and started Unique Influence in Austin a few years ago. Their team focuses on lead generation and customer acquisition for eCommerce clients through paid search, affiliate marketing, social advertising, and retargeting.

In this episode our Co-Founder, Charlie Rall, talks with Ryan about how eCommerce brands are leveraging social commerce right now to build new leads and keep past customers in the sales cycle. Social Commerce is really still in its infancy and we are seeing it develop at a faster rate now than ever before. The term Social Commerce is pretty broad and can be applied to any sort of personal buying experience online whether that is through peer to peer selling on sites like ebay or integrating commerce into the organic space of social media like Facebook.

Both Twitter and Facebook have made moves recently that position themselves in a better place to serve eCommerce brands through Social Commerce. So it is just a matter of time before we start seeing more concrete purchasing experiences through these channels apart from branded content. Ryan and Charlie discuss content versus paid engagement through Facebook and Twitter, some different methods eCommerce brands can utilize across social platforms, and the near future of Social Commerce experiences.

Get in touch with us if you have a topic you would like to see covered in future episodes of eCommerce Brew or are interested in being a featured guest. We would love to talk to you if you are an eCommerce store owner or brand marketer.

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