Competing with retail, and winning.

Competing with retail, and winning.

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What do you love about going shopping?

Considering the crowded aisles, spent gas, and practically purgatorial parking lots, especially around the winter holidays, it seems like there’s actually very little to savor in the patronage of an average brick-and-mortar business.

So why hasn’t everyone made the shift to exclusive online shopping? Company webfronts have 24 hour availability, no lines, more expanded return options than ever, and shoppers never have to don so much as a Snuggie to get their goodies through the internet shoppersphere. The food courts can’t really be that good…can they?


The truth is what most ecommerce hasn’t quite been able to replicate is the aspect of tangibility shoppers still crave. People still want to see how products are used, how they look from all angles, and what it’s like to really interact with them. A couple of staged pictures and a spec list fire up buyers’ imaginations about as much as a Sears catalog does- in fact, you could make the case that the zoom function and burgeoning carpal tunnel issues are all that separate the old school order forms from web shopping today. So how does your business go about imbuing its web presence with untouchable tangibility?
You reach into the world of rich media with us.

At Video Review Labs, we provide the voiceovers, models, lights, cameras, and action that will give your customers a good convincing look at your company’s offerings in a way that the standard front and back product shots can’t.

No one wants to see their brainchild stuck in a sea of squinted over Amazon tabs. Take your business past the web catalog world, and start getting people excited to shop from home again. Their engagement means your gain.

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