Build your brand and drive sales with eCommerce videos

Build your brand and drive sales with eCommerce videos

E-Commerce video

Shopping online is often faster, more affordable, and way less of a hassle than visiting a brick and mortar store. You can get what you want when you want it, get it delivered right to your front door, and save money in the process. Product information is abundant and brands are always working to make the learning process about their products as quick and easy as possible for their customers online. But sales still thrive on customer engagement with a brand. And online experiences are often seriously lacking in the human element that we need when putting trust into a higher price point purchase decision.

ECommerce video brings that human element back into the online shopping experience. Online video reviews put a product in the hands of a real human so customers can see what the product is like in the context of their own lives. Getting a full review of a product in action allows customers as close to an authentic hands-on product demo experience as the web can provide. When customers can see a product used in an eCommerce video they get the ins and outs displayed like they would look for themselves if shopping in a store. They quickly gain more product knowledge and feel more confident in that purchase decision.

Unlike text lists of product features and photography, eCommerce video is easily digestible and quick to inform and engage customers. ECommerce video works at multiple points in the sales funnel too. A high quality video that beautifully represents your brand can connect with consumers early on in the sales process to get them engaging with the brand as a whole. Excellent on-screen reviews of a product quickly inform consumers browsing on an eCommerce site exactly what a product does quickly so they’re not wasting time scrolling down a page and trying to pull the keywords they are hoping for in a wall of text. And lastly, those customers who are lingering on the edge of making a purchase, but are not one hundred percent confident in the product because of the price point can watch an eCommerce video and quickly convert. They see the product in the context of their lifestyle and get an in-depth view of a product’s functionality and quality.

At Video Review Labs we work with brands to not only clearly portray their products and their feature through video, we make sure your videos are on par with your brand standards and integrate seamlessly with your marketing strategies already in place. We are all about driving sales with eCommerce video, but also making sure every product video is a touch point for your customers to engage with your brand. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help build your brand and drives sales with eCommerce video.

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