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Amazon Product Videos

Amazon product videos are here! Amazon is rolling out the most powerful tool for brands who are brand registry 2.0 compliant, and it’s game-changing. Amazon has fully opened the door for sellers to put Amazon product videos on their listing and the race is on for brands to get quality highly converting amazon product videos in front of customers. What was once a limited program for Amazon vendors and brands who took part in Amazon Exclusives has now been rolled out through the new Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon videos

There’s no shortage of data to back up the fact that product videos make a significant impact on the way customers shop online, with 96% of consumers reporting that product videos are incredibly helpful in their buying decisions. With 4 out of 5 online shoppers reporting that a video helped them make a past purchase and 1 in 4 shoppers actually leaving a site to search YouTube before buying, Amazon, in its continued dominance over everything eCommerce, did what Amazon does, and created the ability for brands to upload product videos on their product listing page to help brands boost product sales.

What kind of product videos work best on Amazon?

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many Amazon vendors and Amazon Exclusive brands over the past 3 years that we’re already pros at helping brands navigate the Amazon product video landscape. The first thing we do is a deep dive into understanding your customer’s journey in the buying process. We try and uncover any roadblocks that your product might present to customers who are making that purchase decision. Is there any fear, uncertainty, or doubt that might leave a customer hanging in the check-out process? With video, Amazon now lets us use the most effective product sales tool to put your customer at ease.

Lifestyle Product Video:

Let’s connect to your customer, and showcase your product in use, in an aspirational lifestyle video. Get customers thinking beyond the features and benefits and about how your product is going to impact their lifestyle. Outdoors brands are no longer limited to selling sleeping bags; with Amazon product videos you can sell the adventure lifestyle and connect your brand to the outdoors.

If this product video got you thinking about hitting the outdoors, go ahead and pick one up here: Amazon Sleeping Bags

Simple Amazon Product videos

Sometimes all you need are simple feature and benefit videos to help your customer make the decision to purchase. These lightweight, scalable product videos are affordable and really focus on the information your customers are looking for.

Amazon Product videos are here to stay

Now that you’ve seen some amazon product video examples, you can imagine having these powerful selling tools right there on your product page helping you convert shoppers into buyers. Talk to our team today, and we can help you get started with your first set of Amazon product videos. Contact us on the form below:

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