Amazon Rolls Out New Product Video Features

Amazon Rolls Out New Product Video Features

Amazon Product Videos

The addition of product videos to listings on Amazon, which came into effect last year, is about to become an even more powerful tool for the more than 2 million sellers operating on the world’s dominant eCommerce platform.

What’s in store?

For sellers who meet stringent requirements like having a secure trademark for their brand, product video options are expanding as a way to make video assets more flexible and effective for brands with broad ranges of products. Very soon listings will be able to host more than one product video, and sellers will have the option to post one video across a range of products. Those different use cases give brands more control over how they can use product videos in their selling, taking full advantage of a conversion factor that makes visitors who view a video nearly four times more likely to make a purchase.

How could the new options play out?

The “one for all” option means one all-encompassing brand video that features an assortment of products in a line can be attached easily to every product a seller has available. That saves the time of having to manually add the same product video to dozens of SKUs, and gives a well-made brand video far greater marketing utility. Brand videos are already a crucial part of a direct marketing strategy for eCommerce platforms, and Amazon’s changes have made them even more powerful.

As a complement, the freedom to add more than one product video to a single listing means customers can see the product in a variety of presentations – first a brand or lifestyle video, than a how-to or installation video – to build a connection and make a product feel more relatable.

Another improvement to Amazon’s product video presentation is the incorporation of auto-generated thumbnails, which will be a vast improvement over the boring and un-engaging grey video arrow box that has accompanied video assets since the rollout late last year. Actual thumbnails from the video will draw even more interest and viewership – that’s a guarantee. 

Coming soon! 

And the last addition to the world of product videos for Amazon is the release to sellers of the viewership metrics for videos on their product listings. We can’t emphasize what an important string of data that is going to be for sellers, since they’ll be able to A/B test different videos on different pages and have even more control over how they speak to their audience.

People always ask us how we can show them the difference that our product videos will make for their company. With this new rollout from Amazon as part of an aggressive and overdue embrace of product videos, you’ll soon have even more convincing data for why our videos are on a higher level from the rest.

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