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We’re a group of adventurers, filmmakers, and brand champions set on making the web a better place. Our team is small but strong, and we welcome each new creative challenge that comes our way. We are at the forefront of innovative visual commerce, working tirelessly to create dynamic product photography and videos that excite and intrigue. Based in Austin, Texas, we are part of a creative community that is always pushing us to expand our reach and ask “what’s next?”


We love our clients and put our heart and soul into each new project. Working with us means that your needs are our needs. We take the time to get to know you, hear your stories, and develop a strategy unique to your brand. Our clients are like extended family, and we’re proud to say that the Video Review Labs family reaches across the globe and is growing every day.

Meet The Mad Scientists

  • Charlie Rall - Ecommerce Video Producer
    Charlie Rall

    Co Founder · Producer

  • Eric Winchester - Co-Founder - Ecommerce product video sales
    Eric Winchester

    Co Founder · Business Development

  • Kerry Doyle - eCommerce product video sales
    Kerry Doyle

    Sales Development Rep

  • Angelica Demaso - Ecommerce video editor
    Angelica Damaso

    Sr. Video Editor

Who We Work With

  • E-Commerce Brands

    At Video Review Labs, our goal is to create authentic and engaging e-Commerce product videos that help you build your brand and increase your online sales. By providing visual solutions to e-Commerce retailers through video production and web integration packages, we help brands create content that increases visibility, drives traffic to product pages, educates customers and increases conversions. Whether you sell directly from your own e-Commerce shop, through Amazon, or on another marketplace, we can optimize your product listings with sleek product photography and engaging product videos.

    Product Video Company
  • Amazon Brands

    At Video Review Labs, we’re experts when it comes to Amazon and Amazon product videos and we understand that it’s an incredibly competitive marketplace for brands. We work with Amazon creative every day and know how to navigate the technical requirements to ensure our clients’ product videos and photos are accepted and stand out from the crowd. We know you have a limited amount of time to capture a shopper’s attention on Amazon, so we work hard to ensure that everything looks amazing, from your main white background product image to your lifestyle Amazon product video and lifestyle product photos. We even take our finished product photos and use design elements to create enhanced brand content that beautifully highlights your product features.

    Product VideoS
  • Product Launches

    Are you launching your first product? We’ll help you get off to the right start with a professional product video, brand video, social ads — anything you need to make a great first impression online! Whether you’re looking for content for your very first product or you’re rolling out a new product line, we can help craft the perfect look for your brand through engaging product videos and beautiful photography that elevates your website and product pages.

    Amazon Product Video

Social Video

At Video Review Labs, we’re always looking for ways to maximize the content we’re able to create for our clients, and with the growing popularity of social video, we see a massive opportunity for our clients to reach large audiences. According to research by Brightcove, 85% of consumers in the United States interact with brands online and at least 53% of them have made a purchase after watching a branded video. E-commerce brands that aren’t engaging with their target audience online, are missing out on a huge opportunity. So, whether you’re wanting to push out content on your Facebook and Instagram pages or run a retargeting ad campaign, we’re here to help navigate the world of social product videos and help expand your reach online!


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