6 Things to Consider When Creating Product Videos

6 Things to Consider When Creating Product Videos

Product Videos

Are you new to product videos? Or just planning your next move? Diving into a video project with the right strategy in place can make all the difference between a success and a flop.

Here are 6 things to consider when creating product videos:

what type of video makes sense for your product?

For a product that needs straightforward explanation like an RFID blocking wallet you might consider a simple tabletop video. Something to keep the focus on the product and educate viewers on features and benefits.

Or maybe your product needs more context around it. With something like a unicorn pool float you’re not just selling the quality of vinyl material. You’re selling a fun day with friends at the pool, big laughs, and summer tans. So you might consider a larger scale lifestyle video that inspires all those feelings.

Where is the video going to live?

Will this just live on an Amazon product page or will it run on social media? The more reach your video will have the more it’s worth investing in the creative, the production value, and getting more pieces of content out of it. Whereas with a siloed one-use video you might keep it simple.

What part of the sales funnel will it be seen?

Top of the funnel videos should be about brand awareness and eliciting a feeling in the viewer. Whereas bottom of the funnel videos should be a harder sell and more informational on product features and benefits.

What’s your budget?

Video scale and production quality is directly correlated budget size. Can you afford to make a big run with lifestyle videos out of the gate or is it better to start small and test with tabletops?

Alternatively, think about ROI. A big budget video for something like a tube of sunscreen will take a lot longer to see a return versus a higher ticket item like an electric skateboard.

What kind of content is your competitor creating?

Obviously you must crush them. So identify features they’re leaving out of their content and exploit that. Craft your creative to be more unique and stand out from their efforts.

What’s the shelf life of your video?

The major influx of video content by brands recently has lowered shelf lives on creative. A good bottom-of-the-funnel product video should last you and fetch a positive ROI over 3 years. But social media content might only hold up a few weeks at most. You need a plan to keep it fresh with new content rolling out periodically.

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