5 Ways to Keep Your Product Video Content Fresh All Year

5 Ways to Keep Your Product Video Content Fresh All Year

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When marketing for eCommerce you’re always needing to push out fresh product video content to keep your followers engaged and reach new customers. But how can you keep content feeling new and exciting around the same product over and over again?

Check out these 5 ways to keep your product video content relevant throughout the year:

Create videos around major holidays

We call these the “Hallmark” holidays. Things like Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. People are always searching for new gift ideas for their loved ones. So position your product as the perfect gift for that special someone and tailor your content to the holiday.

Seasonal shifts

You might sell a product that is typically purchased seasonally. Like pool floats in summer or beanies in winter. The fight will never end to keep sales more linear throughout the year. But you can flip the script to reposition your product during seasonal changes and demonstrate how it can be put to use in the off season.

For example, an inflatable lounger is a typical staple of poolside or beach relaxation. When winter rolls around flip the perception with a video where kids can use it as a cozy reading lounger in their room.

Back to School

Another annual shopping frenzy. Your product may not be your typical school supply or new year/new me clothing article, but you can still ride the back to school wave with clever positioning.

Let’s say you sell a specialty margarita glass. Back to school means the kids are out of the house and parents are ready to relax again.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon moves over $7B worth of goods on Prime Day. They’re taking over the world. This is the perfect time to build content around your product, especially if you’re an Amazon seller. Don’t miss out on having a video on your product listing during the day of price wars.

Pop culture events or anniversaries

Tie your product to cultural phenomena or play on the nostalgia heartstrings.

Around the release of the new Jumanji sequel might be a great time to boost content around adventure themed products or board games.

Looking for more ideas? Get in touch with the team at Video Review Labs to see what kind of content we can create around your products.

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