5 SEO Tips for Your Product Videos on YouTube

5 SEO Tips for Your Product Videos on YouTube

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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world right behind Google. People are constantly looking for reviews and information on your products and your competitors. So you want to get the jump with great product videos that actually get seen.

But 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s insane. So it takes a bit of SEO craftsmanship to make sure your content is ranking in searches.

Here are 5 tips to SEO your product videos on YouTube:


First, name your video file using a target keyword. Something like “Best Blender for Mixed Drinks”. Things people are actually searching for and relate to your product.
After uploading, give your video a title that includes a keyword you want to rank for. Again “Best Blender for Mixed Drinks” would work well or some variation of that.

Then create readable and meaningful text descriptions for the video. Include your keywords in the first 120 characters because that’s the section that matters most.


Include an eye-catching thumbnail. Thumbnails are the most important visual element when creating a youtube video. When someone searches they get multiple results. So the more time your video is clicked and watched the higher Google is going to rank it for that search term. You want clicks.

Closed Captions

Add captions. Obviously captions open your video up to deaf or hard of hearing viewers. But it also lets Google know exactly what your video is about by letting it read the actual audio content. You can do this by uploading your script if you have one or getting a transcription made of your audio.

And then you’re on your way to racking up the views. Want to learn more about video SEO and product videos? Talk to the team at Video Review Labs!

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