4 Reasons Your Store Needs Product Videos Today

4 Reasons Your Store Needs Product Videos Today

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eCommerce is booming. It has never been easier to open up your own online shop which means there has never been as much competition. Your digital marketing is your main weapon in keeping ahead of your competitors and staying relevant. You need video in that arsenal. So here are four ways using eCommerce product videos can quickly help your audience retain your message and increase your products’ conversion rates:

1. Visual Learning

For the most part, we’re visual learners. By nature, according to the Social Science Research Network nearly 65% of people are better inclined to learn through sight. That means, eCommerce brands are more likely to capture an audience using visual marketing. In an increasingly competitive market, product videos are key to capturing this attention.



2. Capturing Attention

It comes as no surprise that these days we are overexposed to information. For many eCommerce product retailers, grabbing even the slightest amount of attention from an audience that’s constantly inundated with brand messaging is no small feat. However, many retailers find that when they use product videos to market themselves, they are better at not only capturing an audience, but retaining and converting it.

3. A Picture’s Worth

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a product video is worth at least ten thousand. As we mentioned before, because we learn visually, we remember information when presented in pictures. This means your audience is not only more likely to remember your message, but to spread the word. Product videos are more likely to be viewed and shared when done well. Not only do these images stay in our news feeds, but product videos stick in our minds for longer than any written copy might.



4. Shareability

And of course, when it comes to measuring the success of your eCommerce product video, there’s no better metric to help you measure your reach than your share stats. People tend to still rely on personal recommendations from friends on products and sharing product videos is the digital word of mouth.

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