4 Places To Delight Customers With Ecommerce Video

4 Places To Delight Customers With Ecommerce Video

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Ninety percent of online users say product videos are very helpful in the buying decision-making process. Product videos can boost eCommerce conversions upwards of eighty percent, and, not only can eCommerce product videos improve conversions, but product videos can also enhance the overall experience of a website and keep shoppers engaged. Visitors spend 2 minutes longer on a website that has product videos than they would on a website without any videos.

Having just one video on your site may not be enough to really get the attention you’re looking for. There are many places you can put eCommerce videos throughout your website to enhance the user experience and make it overall more personable. Check out these 4 types of eCommerce videos that build the customer experience and drive results online.


The post-purchase thank you video pops up on the page after a customer completes an order and they see a confirmation. It’s a nice way to confirm an order and add a personal touch to the site in a scalable way. Thank You videos offer a little touch of personality and charm. These can be as simple as a quick talking head of the CEO with a genuine “thanks”. Or an elaborately produced video of the entire warehouse staff gathering to thank a customer directly to camera. There aren’t any rules for this. Just be genuine and be creative.


A great place to link to a video is in your company’s email signature. This could be something a little broad like a brand video or it could be something more personal like a brief intro to the company staff. This would be perfect for customer service reps to have a quick intro video that customers can watch and build a connection.


Use HTML5 video on loop to replace static images or graphics. By doing this you will immediately connect with the shopper and communicate your brand’s vibe and lifestyle around your products through motion. The banner will be the start of your customer’s journey so there is a big opportunity to convey your messaging quickly with HTML5. Simple images and text can fail to capture a viewer right away so add video to your website now. We have some tips on this here.


Your goal should be to have a product video for every single product on your website. You want to make your product videos prominent on your product pages because shoppers are looking for eCommerce video to absorb information and learn. After watching an eCommerce product video on a page, 64% of users are more likely to buy the product. Increase your visibility and your sales with quality product videos.

All these videos can only benefit your eCommerce website, so why not invest in product videos? Get in touch with the eCommerce product video experts at Video Review Labs to discuss product videos for your eCommerce brand and how we can implement quality video on your site.

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