3 Ways to Put Your Product Videos to Work

3 Ways to Put Your Product Videos to Work

Product Videos

Now that you have these great product videos what can you do with them? Content creation is only half the battle. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your product videos:

Publish to YouTube
Duh, right? YouTube is the second largest search engine with over a billion active users daily. So just like your website you want your product videos well SEO’d on YouTube to reach viewers actively searching for your products or your competitors. Own that search!

Get them on the product page
You spend so much money and energy driving traffic to your product pages and now you have a tool that will truly help convert. Implement your product video on your Amazon listing and the product page on your own site. Make sure the video thumbnail is prominent and not hidden within the photo gallery.

Repurpose content for social media
You can work with our editing team to cut up each product video into 2 or 3 different shortened versions tailored specifically for Facebook and Instagram. Run them as retargeting ads or just organic posts to keep your followers engaged.

Need more ideas on how to best utilize your product videos? No problem. Reach out to the team at VRL. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your eCommerce product video content. Click here to talk to our team about making amazing product videos for you!

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