Three Ways You Should be Selling More with Amazon Product Videos

Three Ways You Should be Selling More with Amazon Product Videos

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If “Google it” Is the response to any question we don’t know the answer to, then “Amazon it” is usually the answer we give when we’re looking to buy something. Whether consumers are shopping around for the best products at the most reasonable prices, or looking for customer reviews to help them determine which product better suits their needs, these days more people rely on Amazon to help them make their purchases than not.

As the undeniable king of eCommerce, Amazon offers millions of products and does a great job of getting consumers to buy them by providing users with an unparalleled user experience and customer service. Part of what makes Amazon so successful are its eCommerce capabilities, especially where product video is concerned. So, who should be using Amazon’s product video capabilities: Everyone. From sellers to consumers, everyone who is interacting with a product should be involved in or take advantage of the implementation of product video capabilities.

Let’s go over some of the different types of videos available to users and sellers on Amazon and what value each can add to the online shopping experience.

1. Amazon Video Reviews

As consumers became more accustomed to learning about a product or brand through watching product video online and on their mobile devices, Amazon saw that conversions tended to increase. So, how did Amazon capitalize on this trend? They allowed customers to attach video reviews for products and brands which help increase consumer trust that can only serve to improve the validity of the product or brand itself.

2. Amazon Video Shorts

If watching a short video review can increase the odds of purchasing a product, then Amazon takes you a step further by putting the purchase power right at your fingertips. When it comes to getting your product in front of users, Amazon Video Shorts does the work for you by placing callouts for the products in the video right next to the video itself. That’s right: no searching, no opening new windows, no making mental notes for things to buy. Amazon knows that if a product isn’t at the top of your mind, a conversion opportunity might as well be forgotten entirely. Impulse buying has never been easier.

3. Amazon Exclusive Videos

Mostly recently, Amazon launched Amazon Exclusives, a video platform that only features products from sellers exclusively sold on Amazon. For sellers, this means exclusive exposure to hundreds of millions of customers.

So, what do all of the Amazon product video options mean for you and your product? You need video now. Why? The benefit of seeing the actual product being used by actual customers or in ads you invest in creating, helps buyers get a better sense of the product: how it moves and reacts or even its scale. Amazon product videos can help increase a potential customer’s trust which can only serve to improve the validity of the product or brand itself.

Authenticity is a valuable currency that drives conversion. Not only do consumers want to know about where their products come from, they want to know that they’re both worth the time, cost and effort. If you’re just getting your business started and have yet to fulfill Amazon’s product quota to post, you can still take drive traffic to Amazon by uploading your video to YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine and if you can’t place a video on Amazon, it’s in your best interest to get a start there. Just don’t forget to add a link back to your Amazon store.

While Amazon product videos are still relatively new, it’s just a matter of time before they become as necessary to successfully selling your product as photography. Video Review Labs can work with your brand to create Amazon product videos that establish your brand’s presence on Amazon and improve conversions. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you sell more products online with Amazon product videos.

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