Video Review Labs

eCommerce videos that move products and build brands.

Let’s Get Moving

Video Review Labs

Video remains the strongest form of content on the web. It’s engaging, thorough, and easily digested by the brain. So when creative content meets web marketing strategies, amazing things can happen. Pairing high quality review videos with ecommerce products can keep advertising costs low while achieving sales goals and still developing a brand’s image creatively. It’s time to add video to your marketing arsenal and get your products moving.

All About Authenticity

People want more than sales copy and a spec list when shopping online. They want to experience the value and authenticity in a product before they buy. So we’re helping create those authentic experiences between brands and their customers. Video reviews put your products into human context so customers can easily see what they’re getting in a genuine light. Video Review Labs helps provide customers with expert level knowledge of your products and a stronger, genuine relationship with your brand.